1678 Nye Homestead

An historic Cape Cod house museum

2019 Open House

The Benjamin Nye Homestead & Museum on Old County Road in East Sandwich welcomes you, one and all, to our 2019 Open House from Noon to 4:00 on Saturday, June 15. This year we are celebrating the restoration of our 1858 water-powered grist Mill building that sits on a foundation first built in 1669. The Mill has been converted into a museum that chronicles the mill’s history during its more than 200 years in operation.

Our on-site East Sandwich Grange Hall will have experts demonstrating old-world methods of working with fabrics as they spin wool, hook rugs, and weave. The Nye Family genealogist will be available to help trace your ancestry.

The kids will be able to experience some hands-on history, including:

•    Writing with feathered quills and chalk in our museum’s 19th century schoolroom exhibit

•    Spinning wool by hand with a drop spindle

•    Using an ancient method to grind corn employing a sapling tree as a spring to lift the pestle

Costumed tour guides will be available to answer questions and help your family find their way around what was once the center of the East Sandwich community known as Cedarville. The 1678 colonial house museum will also be open. 

Admission is free.

The Benjamin Nye Homestead and Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. Membership is open to all, and donations are gratefully accepted.